Andrea Farnetani, Rome 1982.

Degree in architecture,

juggler, clown, performer, presenter

street artist  self-taught.

Since 2000 he dedicates to juggling and investigates the endless streets of clown and comedy.

A multifaceted artist, his curiosity led him to try everything from dance, the major circus disciplines, magic.

It delights in the construction of his props and in the graphics of his products.

In 2005 he founded the Company "Smile Carucci" with Jacopo Candeloro  and work together in squares throughout Italy until 2010.

Since 2009 he takes part in missions of the group "Jesters without borders" in the Amazon (2009) and Tanzania (2011).

Since 2011 he performed with the new show

"Trick-Nic" represented in many Italian and international festivals.

In 2014 he founded the Company Bellavita with  Antonio Coluccio.

From 2015 he collaborates with various projects with Circus el Grito.


Antonio Coluccio, Rome 1973

After a casual approach to juggling and street art, form together with Luca Clarioni Company "Trio Maria".

In 1999 he attended the "Piccolino School of Circus" at San Salvador de Bahia" Brazil.

In 2000 the circus school Carampa in Madrid.

He continued his studies, especially on juggling with various workshops, including those conducted by Sergei Ignatov, Toby Walker, Jeron Thomas.

Since 2002 he teaches juggling giving annual and short workshops, collaborating with the Roman School of Circus.

In 2003 he participated in the expedition to India with the "Jesters without borders".

Since several years he participate in the project "The Cucinema"

He continues to perform in squares, theaters and cabarets with his skills.

It 'a farmer and a lover of chillies.

In 2014 he founded the Company BellaVita with Andrea Farnetani.



The "Company Bellavita" born for the great friendship between Andrea Farnetani and Antonio Coluccio.
His philosophy is the fun and feel good, 
With resilience advantage of every moment of life.